I think its definitely worth mentioning that I do NOT think less of the people that disagree with me on political views. These are discussions of the mind that are occurring here, no one is hurting anyone physically in the process.
Sometimes it can get heated, but thats part of the learning process: How to intellectually debate in a civil manner and still respect each other in the process. I also am studious in my clamping down on personal insults in exchanges – that goes nowhere and my belief is this: Its ok to call an idea dumb, but not the person. The idea is fair game, the totality of the person is not. Especially on a hyper focused platform like FB which is only a small representation of person’s whole being.
The above objective of depersonalizing discussion of ideas here on FB are of the “low hanging fruit” variety – easily achievable if you put your mind to it. I know I do, because I know that people are more nuanced and whole beyond what FB might present. What you see here is just a sliver of a person’s total being. Would you ever say your FB page is a real, full representative of you as a person?
I highly doubt it .. and if you did say so, I would urge you to log off. lol
I have heard several times in my threads: I like you less when I learn of your political positions.
That’s funny, I don’t like you less because you disagree with me. What an unfortunate stance we’ve taken in these modern times that we must dislike someone because you disagree with them on political stances that mostly revolve around the center of the political spectrum.
I find it an opportunity to discuss, learn from each other – not only in ideas, but how to have a civil discourse so we both walk away (hopefully) with a deeper appreciation of each other as people. Not because we agree (which we probably won’t), but because in disagreement we still understand each other better on IDEAS.
And the fact is this: Ideas and perspective change over time – so to say to someone: I like you less as a person because I disagree with you on ideas that are invariably going to change or evolve or overtime, and then defriend that person because you are personally offended by their ideas, then that is extremely short sighted.
Look, I’m no perfect debate partner. I’m human and make mistakes in this process I describe above – but I’m also tolerant enough and love being connected to all kinds of people of different backgrounds so I can be challenged and be delighted in learning new things from different people. I only ask of you to understand this and hopefully work with me as I get through this as well. We are, after all, in this together.
Personally I find that the the meeting of the minds, in a substantive way, can be one of the most gratifying experiences ever if done with respect and civility.
Hell, it makes you like a person EVEN MORE while in disagreement, which is quite a treasure. It is what elevates us above the animals and apes and incivility of people else where in the world that live in a state of constant chaos and violence in their lives when we can achieve this state.
I think those that know me can personally attest to this attribute: I love people. All kinds. I couldn’t be a lover of music, throw hundreds of shows, bringing all kinds of people under one roof to dance and connect, despite their backgrounds and whatever beliefs they may have. I couldn’t dedicate such a large part of my life, my personal money, my time, my family if I didn’t believe in the awesome power of bringing people together as one!
But I also love debate. I love politics. I love ideas and putting them to the test.
But above all, I love trying to grow as a person and I can’t do that in an echo chamber. I don’t think you can either, at least not as fully as you could if you had a partner in debate that challenged you to think differently on things. It is only then that I or you can grow more fully as people.
So remember, I don’t think of you less of a person because I disagree with you on one idea or another.
I hope you can do the same in return for me.


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