New Beginnings

Future so bright I gotta wear shades!


Today is 1/19/2018, a Friday. A Friday like any other … except this particular Friday, today, marks this first post on this new website meant to proclaim something great.

What is that greatness? Well, here it is:

My new web site is born!

I have ideas that I want to own fully, media that I want to create and also own their fate. I want to archive the spirit of my art, the output of what I consider to be worthy of keeping, and not be worried about the snooping eyes of social media masters who dictate eyeballs, exposures, and actively control the communication between people. Most importantly, I don’t need an online big brother dictating what is considered appropriate, tastefully or relevant. Art of all types is meant to challenge and provoke some level of uncomfortable emotions in a person – either to make us think, re-evaluate, or just get blown away with amazement or even offense. I don’t know if I will ever cross that line with what I do, but my space should be mine and no one else’s to moderate, eliminate, or delete. That is my privilege alone. I would expect you would feel the same about your own work!

I aim to aggregate all that I am doing online and in the physical space with some sort of archive, one that I own, curate, and maintain to the low/high standards I want to strive to.

Of course, I will cross post and maintain to those prevailing social media sites, but the point is that my output will not have a single home. My work’s home is here. I will, where I can, put it on loan to those other sites who really don’t have my best intentions in mind for my own work. Original versions of all materials reside here.

So, enjoy and if not, tell me why and leave a comment or a complaint!

Publish or Perish!

Be Civil,



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